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НазваниеБританский принц Это сладкое слово Мини-болид для
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№ 05
19–25 november 2010
Investigative journalism is something 
I want to invest in more.
                                  Alexander Lebedev 
Plastic Logic will manufacture  FESCO to buy 
12.5% stake in 
Kindle competitor in Russia
Rusnano, the Russian Corpo-
«Rusnano’s investment will 
ration of Nanotechnologies 
enable us to dramatically expand 
headed by Anatoly Chubais 
operations in support of volume 
production of our next-generation 
products, and to continue to 
advance our technology platform 
to deliver on our broader long-term 
Plastic Logic CEO Richard Archuleta
Russian Far East shipping and 
logistics operator Fesco has 
«The production facility for the next 
confi rmed its acquisition of a 
generation of plastic displays will 
12.5% stake in TransContainer 
become the fi rst step to establish 
as part of the latter’s IPO. 
the new branch of electronics 
industry in Russia. By the time of 
Fesco says it has paid $138.9 
the launch, the Russian facility 
million for the stake, which it says 
will be the world’s most advanced 
is aimed at expanding its long 
fabrication plant in the plastic 
standing strategic partnership 
electronics industry».
with the Russian railways 
Rusnano Managing Director Georgy 
subsidiary, which is listing in 
Rusnano, the Russian 
e-reader device is currently the Kindle, 
Moscow and London this week.
Amazon’s reader.
Fesco said the move would 
Corporation of 
The deal has been in the making 
add to the competitiveness and 
Nanotechnologies headed 
since March this year when Plastic 
consumer electronics product, a 
effi ciency of both companies, 
by Anatoly Chubais and 
Logic’s CEO Richard Archuleta met 
next-generation electronic reader 
while promoting the development 
Plastic Logic Inc. have 
Chubais at a technology forum in the 
for business that is currently under 
of intermodal container services 
announced an agreement 
and the expansion of integrated 
Plastic Logic said it will continue 
Plastic Logic abandoned plans 
logistical solutions.
to create Plastic Logic’s 
to house its core R&D facility in 
to introduce Que, its fi rst product, 
second production facility 
Cambridge, England, as well as 
a tablet reader earlier this year 
for its next-generation 
maintain its commercial factory in 
because «in the time it took 
plastic electronic displays 
Dresden, Germany and corporate 
the company to prepare the 
EuroSibEnergo to 
and establish a plastic 
headquarters in Mountain View, 
original QUE, the market had 
float on Hong Kong 
electronics industry in 
dramatically changed and left 
Plastic electronics technology has 
it outmoded,» according to 
many economic, manufacturing, 
company executives at the 
form factor and environmental 
benefi ts, and will ultimately replace 
Founded in 2000 by 
traditional silicon semiconductor 
researchers from the 
glass-based display products in a 
Cambridge University 
Under the terms of agreement 
variety of devices in the future. Plastic 
Cavendish Laboratory 
RUSNANO intends to make a 
Logic’s application of the technology 
in the UK, Plastic Logic 
signifi cant investment in the company, 
makes possible an amazingly thin, 
opened its fi rst high-volume, state-
which has the potential to become a 
lightweight, robust and fl exible active 
of-the-art manufacturing facility in 
global leader in the emerging fi eld of 
matrix display that is unmatched in 
Dresden, Germany in 2008, where it 
plastic electronics, as part of a large-
the marketplace. The display is at the 
will continue with production of the 
Kindle will 
scale investment project. The leading 
core of Plastic Logic’s fi rst commercial 
company’s fi rst commercial product.
face new com-
petition from 
Largest private energy company 
EuroSibEnergo plans to hold an 
Russians need to learn to smile more, says tourism boss Initial Public Offering (IPO) on 
Poor infrastructure, high 
the Hong Kong stock exchange 
«We may have a good hotels... but 
to raise $1.5 billion, a source 
prices and bad service are 
at times we are lacking the one thing 
close to the placement told RIA 
hampering the massive 
that is most important – hospitality», 
potential of Russia’s tourist 
Radkov said. «We need to smile more, 
industry, deputy head of the 
lay beds and decorate rooms properly. 
The utility is part of tycoon 
Russian Federal Agency for 
Attention to detail is what we need».
Oleg Derispaska’s Basic Element, 
The Russian government tends to 
BasEl holding. Earlier this year, 
Tourism has said. 
abandon its vast tourism potential 
Deripaska launched the fi rst Hong 
in favor of the more lucrative oil 
Kong IPO by a Russian company 
Alexander Radkov, who headed the 
and gas industry. Russian President 
for his aluminium company, 
Russian delegation to the World Travel  Dmitry Medvedev has announced 
Market 2010 exhibition in London, 
plans to diversify Russia’s $1.2 trillion 
«The company intends to sell 
said the Russian exposition had 
economy by encouraging investment 
25% of its shares. Next week 
been successful, showing a growing 
in other sectors.
the IPO lead managing banks 
global interest in Russia as a tourist 
An ambitious $15-billion project to 
will already start meetings 
create a tourist industry in Russia’s 
with investors, but without the 
However, inbound tourism still lags 
volatile North Caucasus, home to 
Poor infrastructure, high prices 
company’s representatives,» the 
behind outbound tourism in Russia. 
Chechnya and Ingushetia, is to be 
and bad service are hampering 
source said, adding the company 
Preliminary data for 2010 shows that 
developed by June as a part of the 
the massive potential of Rus-
planned to increase its value to 
while the rate of outbound tourism 
development of Russian tourism.
sia’s tourist industry
$6 billion after the IPO.
grew by 30-40%, inbound tourism only 
(RIA Novosti)
grew by 6.5%, Radkov said.

19–25 november 2010
Russian Standard Vodka joins the ranks of 
geographically protected food and beverage 
products to change the landscape of modern vodka
Champagne, Parmigiano Reggiano, 
Prosciutto di Parma...and Now Russian Vodka
In keeping with other 
Balsamic vinegar from Modena, 
quality, location-centric 
Italycompared to mass-market 
18 Novemeber
Skolkovo Innovation Center Information 
Marriot Grand Hotel
food and drink products, 
vinegar, and now Russian vodka 
versus generic vodka. 
23 November
Self Investment Seminar: Antistress
Moscow, Business School 
Russian vodka now has its 
Consumers and bartenders 
own designation signifying 
alike are fi nding this a welcome 
25 November
BUSINESS-TALK в Москве: Как вывести 
Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel 
its authenticity. The Russian  development in the quality of the 
бизнес из мирового кризиса
Neglinnaya str., 4 Moscow
Federation has ruled that to 
vodka drinking experience. «Russian 
Standard Vodka is the byword for 
28 November
St.Andrew’w Day Festival
Central House of Artist, 10 
be labeled a Russian vodka, 
Krymskiy Val, Moscow
authentic Russian vodka, and the 
Renaissance Monarch 
all ingredients must be 
new Certifi cate of Origin label not only 
  4 December
St Andrew’s Ball
Hotel, Moscow
grown, distilled, and bottled 
educates mixologists like myself but 
in Russia.
also - by extension - my customers. 
  7 December
RBCC Moscow Christmas Cocktails
Moscow, tba
This has to be a positive step forward 
for the vodka category in the U.S., 
  9 December
Russian Scientists in Russia and Abroad:  ICMS, 15 South College 
A roundtable discussion (in Russian)
Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AA
given the proliferation in recent 
years of fl avored and watered-down 
The Russian Federation 
14 December
Self Investment Seminar
Moscow, tba
Russian Standard Vodka, a 
styles,» shares Dushan Zaric, Principal 
has ruled that to be la-
premium vodka in Russia, is proud 
Bartender at New York’s Employees 
beled a Russian vodka, 
to be one of the fi rst vodkas to be 
all ingredients must be 
    Dec tbc
RBCC St Petersburg Christmas Cocktails
St Petersburg
awarded this distinction. Beginning 
grown, distilled, and 
November, all Russian Standard 
bottled in Russia
Vodka bottles will display a special 
label with a unique number declaring 
its 100% Russian provenance.
15 -19 November RuStyle – Russian Law Week Conference   
In today’s marketplace this badge 
« e are proud to display our Certifi cate of 
of authenticity is more important than 
Origin as a guarant
ee of Russian Standard 
ever, as foodies world-wide demand 
a’s quality and provenance. In today’s 
18 November
RuStyle Business Networking Event - BRIC www.rustyleltd.com
to know that the products they are 
world, consumer
s value authenticity and 
enjoying are genuinely produced to 
p oduction origin highly in their choice of 
Scotland-Russia Institute, 
the highest standard. With evermore 
brands. Just as superb F
rench and Italian 
23 November
Doing business in Russia and Kazakhstan 9 South College St, 
Edinburgh EH8 9AA
imposter products fl ooding the stores, 
p oducts are awarded Appellation d’origine 
consumers look to geographical 
olee and Denominazione di Origine 
25 November
RuStyle Business Networking Event
marques to determine the genuine 
Controllata, or a Cuban cigar holds the coveted Habanos D.O.P., Russia, 
from the fake and to guide their fi nal 
the homeland of vodka, also must guarantee its national drink. Our 
  9 December
UK Bribery Act Seminar
Baker & McKenzie Offi ce
purchase decisions: so, Champagne 
Certifi cation of Origin will help vodka lovers distinguish Russian Standard 
versus sparkling wine; Parmigiano 
from the many vodka brands that pretend to be Russian, but are not».
16 December
Russia Consulting Seminar 
RBCC London Offi ce
Reggiano versus generic parmesan; 
Roustam Tariko, founder and president of Russian Standard Vodka

№ 05
19 - 25 november 2010
An assassin has been sent to kill the double agent 
who reported the identity of Anna Chapman and nine 
Russian spies to US authorities this spring
                                               Kommersant newspaper
No easy solutions to 
Interior Ministry raises 
Magnitsky stakes
world economic problems
Russian police 
say a lawyer who 
was left to die in 
jail after exposing 
fi scal management and enhance fi nance to 
police corruption 
As international leaders 
key sectors such as infrastructure, small and 
is himself a 
headed home from four days of 
medium enterprises, households and green 
suspect in the 
consecutive summitry in Seoul
theft of millions 
«We remain committed to maintaining open 
from the state.
markets and fi ghting protectionism,» the leaders 
stated. «We reaffi rm our common resolve to 
Sergei Magnitsky died last year after 
support the recovery in a collaborative and 
pancreatitis he developed while in custody 
coordinated way.»
went untreated. He had been charged 
Some of the main developments at the two-
with tax evasion, linked to his defense 
day APEC summit largely took place in the side 
of Hermitage Capital Management, a 
rooms of the Intercontinental hotel where APEC 
multibillion-dollar fund headed by a U.S.-born 
leaders hold one-on-one sessions.
British investor.
The Chinese delegation saw positive 
Hermitage accuses Interior Ministry 
results from the G20 summit. Chinese 
offi cers of illegally seizing assets it managed 
delegation spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said that 
and using them to falsify tax redemptions of 
the world economy is gradually recovering, but 
$230 million.
uncertainties still remain, and that the Seoul 
The claims by Interior Ministry spokesman 
summit witnessed the framework of G20 shifting 
came a day before a fi lm, “Justice for Sergei” 
As international leaders headed 
money in the economy last week is a way of 
was due to be screened before UK and US 
home from four days of consecutive 
cheapening the dollar and subsidizing US 
summitry in Seoul and Yokohama 
Those twin issues fuelled weeks of heated 
Dmitry Medvedev 
some exuded gloom that they had 
rhetoric – starting with Brazil’s predictions of 
met with Naoto Kan 
its focus from emergency response to long-term 
failed to strike a deal on exchange 
a currency war and verbal attacks on the U.S. 
on the sidelines of 
economic governance.
rates and trade imbalances.
fed from Germany and China – raising the 
the APEC Summit 
Firstly, all member countries vowed to 
expectations for last week’s G20 summit in 
when the two 
strengthen the role of the G20, and properly 
Seoul and the APEC gathering in Yokohama.
leaders stated 
deal with the new risks and new challenges in 
Instead the G20 played for time by asking a 
their commitment 
the international fi nancial sector so as to jointly 
panel led by Canada and India to craft guidelines 
to developing a 
boost the positive, sustainable and balanced 
The US which has one of the largest trade 
on exchange rates and trade imbalances while 
dialogue based 
growth of the global economy, Ma said.
defi cits would have liked to curb Germany and 
the Asia Pacifi c Economic Cooperation leaders 
on trust between 
Secondly, G20 leaders agreed to further 
China which have soaring exports. But many 
adopted similar language and re-committed to a 
the two countries. One of the main subjects 
promote reform of international fi nancial 
think that the US pumping of $600 bn in new 
long-promised Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacifi c 
under discussion was the Kuril Islands.
institutions, and confi rmed the 6-percent shift 
by 2020.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said 
of quota shares to emerging economies in the 
Gathering in the Japanese port city of 
that Dmitry Medvedev proposed that the 
International Monetary Fund (IMF), he said.
Yokohama on the heels of a G20 summit that 
two states change their approach to the 
Thirdly, G20 leaders for the fi rst time listed the 
«As APEC enters its third decade, it has 
failed to resolve concerns over protectionism 
peace agreement issue by giving priority to 
issue of development as a major topic, and the 
become an engine for progress in the w
and currency disputes, the leaders of the 
economic cooperation. However, President 
summit endorsed the Multi-year Action Plan on 
most economically dynamic region whose 
Asia-Pacifi c Economic Cooperation agreed to 
Medvedev stressed that the Kuril Islands are 
Development over the medium term, Ma said.
growth has driven rising prosperity f
similar language as the G20 on the need to work 
and will remain the territory of the Russia 
And fourthly, based on the achievements 
or all 
across the globe. We will take concret
made in previous summits, G20 leaders 

steps toward realization of a F
On the disputes over currencies and trade 
ree T
Sergei Lavrov also said that Dmitry 
pledged continuous efforts to intensify fi nancial 
Area of the Asia-Pacifi c (FTAAP), which is a 
imbalances that dominated the G20, the fi nal 
Medvedev invited Naoto Kan to visit any 
regulation and combat trade-protectionism, and 
major instrument to further APEC’s regional 
APEC communiqué uses similar language to 
Russian region, including the Far East, and 
put forward a series of new measures and steps 
economic integration agenda»
what the G20 agreed to Friday in Seoul.
the Japanese Prime Minister accepted the 
which will be conducive to the long-term healthy 
                                  The fi nal 
The APEC leaders pledged to rebalance 
and steady development of the world economy, 
and strengthen global demand, pursue sound 
he said.
Here can be your 
 Please contact 02076371374 or 
email: ad@russianmind.com 
  if you want to advertise with US

Подписка - это удобно
Оформить подписку можно по e-mail: info@prorugby.ru
Служба рекламы: +358 44 211 06 21

№18 (4793)
бесплатное приложение к газете «Русская мысль»
7–13 мая 2010
                               № 05
19 - 25 november 2010
The difference between 
 Need professional help? 
style and fashion is quality.
Ask Anna!
Giorgio Armani 
Everyone’s talking about…
on 2nd place, and the 
Showgirl legs
animal one is for pro-s 
only. Really, it’s just like 
applying false eyelashes 
A great way to spruce up a 
snowfl ake 
Eye Tattoo by Hard Candy. 
– the more you do it the 
work outfi t, or those dull winter 
tights, £8.99, 
A revolutionary idea in 
better you get. 
coats is to add some snazzy 
Red or Dead
cosmetics – a stick on eye 
After pressing the 
tights. Go for lace and fi shnet 
sticker to your eye you 
mixture to avoid looking too boho 
may find you look like a 
and too dressy; go for a fun print 
scary cartoon character, 
if wearing something plain, or 
It’s really, really fun – just imagine  but with some careful 
opt for a bright colour to add an 
that in the future we will never have 
smudging and blending 
edge. Shiny lurex tights should be 
to drag bags of makeup around – 
you will achieve the look 
avoided by day, for night matched 
just stick on and go – stick lips, 
desired, afterwards dust 
to jewellery, makeup or nail 
stick blusher, stick foundation… but 
the creamy base with 
colour to create a stunning look. 
that’s in the future. 
the setting powder to 
It’s this time of the year and you 
For now we just get the 
stop creases. It actually 
as a great pocket-sized makeup 
really must experiment with those 
eyeshadow. It comes in a selection  last for a long time! In the set you 
if you’re going for a weekend 
legs… to keep them 
of 3 in one box and sets range 
get 3 pairs of shadows, setting 
away and want to size down your 
warm till summer.
Sweet roses 
from smoky eye to glittery evening 
powder, instructions and a brush. 
makeup bag size without loosing 
lace tights, 
look to a dramatic animal skin 
It’s not widely available in UK yet,t , 
out on makeup.
£12.99, Jona-
print. For those of you without the 
but online you can get it f
ou can get it for $10 
Quant tights, 
than Aston
makeup artist bone in you I would 
delivered to UK. It’ s no
UK. It’ s not the 
£24, Wolford
recommend watching a video 
best investment f
ment for something
or something 
tutorial on youtube before getting 
that’s only for one e
or one evening
stuck in. The smoky eye set is 
of wear, however I would 
the easiest one to apply
pp , glitt
y, g ery 
Great for the 
A fresh start
after» – facial 
Great for dry 
fuel cleanser, 
and normal 
skin and full 
Long hours of work, t
oo man
ork, t
oo man  
of vitamins 
parties, smoking… Men ha
… Men ha e
– on the go 
many sins to answ
s er f
er f , but skin
shouldn’t be the one to answ
 one t
er f
o answ
er f  
Great for mature 
them. Make sure y
e ou look bright
and sensitive 
£20.45, Ole 
and fresh-faced ev
e er
v y morning with 
skin – citrus facial 
Aston tights, 
one of these fabulous cleansers.
ulous cleanser  
wash, £30, Per-
£29, Wolford
They refresh, bright
g en, liv
en up
en, liv
ricone MD
and perk your com
o ple
m xion in an
instant, the fresh scent lea
 scent lea es y
es y  
re ed and cheered up. Mak
vived and cheeered up.
Take one!
mornings f
eel lik
ornings feel li e
y e
rida v
y e enings!
Paul Smith no
Paul Smi
tebooks. Men 
and women alik
and women
e should have 
one of those. P
one of thos
erfect pocket size 
and a great selection of chic
and a great
co er
v s t
er o pick fr
s to p
om make this the 
perfect gif
t f
t  or yourself or other 
Ggreat for dehy-
. No
t just ano
. Not ju
ther piece of 
Mini Car notebook, £15
Great for oily 
drated, dull skin 
paper t

aper t fl
o   oat in y
our bag, this 
skin – amazing 
– high recharge 
is an in
s an in estment in the classic
face cleanser, 
energy cleansing 
British style of Paul Smith, the
British style
£27, Aesop
gel, £17.50, 
N ttingham – born king of English

elegance. Get a matching pen
elegance. G
and get all those int
and get all 
thoughts out on paper – or writ
thoughts ou

a shopping list. What
a shopping
ever’s the 
Swirl notebook, £16.95
Beauty Secrets
purpose, y
ou will 
urpose, yo
fi nd a perfect 
print t
print o match y
to match
our mood and the
 your mood and tthee
o e.
In this windy weather there’s 

no escape from dry chapped lips. 
pout. Did 
Resort to good old classics – the 
you know? 
Vaseline. It currently comes in many  Waterprooff 
types at Booths – Aloe Vera for 
makeup can 

some healing power, Rose for some 
be easily remo
mo ed
sheer tint of pink, and Shea Butter 
Vaseline. No more panda eyes! In 
for some extra nourishment. 
the times on 2nd World War supply 
In the morning or evening put 
of makeup was short, so starlets 
lashings of Vaseline on your lips and  of the time used Vaseline on the 
massage with a dry toothbrush. This  eyelids to seduce all these wartime 
will scrape any unwanted dry skin 
heroes when they came home 
Union Jack notebook, £17
off away for good. Wipe the excess 
and asked the ladies to a dance. 
off with a tissue. Leave on overnight  It seems to have worked well then, 
to wake up to a perfect smooth 
why not give it a try now?

№ 05
19 - 25 november 2010
send information to:
“RuStyle” Business Networking Event - MENA countries
On Thursday, November 
11 RuStyle welcomed its 
guests at the weekly Busi-
ness Networking evening. 

This week the event theme was 
Russia, Middle East and Northern 
African countries. You could meet 
people with different background - 
from hedge funds and private equity 
professionals to the owners and CEOs 
of travel agencies and airlines.
photography by Alla Sanders
“Snow Party” in the middle of November
On Saturday, November 13 
an unforgettable Winter 
Wonderland night full of 
frosty surprises was held 
in Bond Club. 

Ice sculptures, tons of snow, snow 
games, frozen cocktails and much 
much more! It was a real Russian 
Winter in the middle of November. 
photography by Geometria.ru

№ 05
19 –25 november 2010
The new movie trailer for «The Chronicles of Narnia: 
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader» is released. Coming 
on 9th of December.
invited players) - so that means top quality. 
spectacle. Fresh and vital, hilarious, profound 
There are services at the Abbey at:
Price: £11.50 (Adults peak), £10 (Adults off 
These guys might have lost a few ounces of 
and stunningly original,» says The Times.
Sun 28 Nov, 4pm: Advent Liturgy
peak) | £8 (Children peak), £7.50 (Children 
speed and stamina over the years but they 
Tues 14 Dec, 7pm: Christmas Concert 
off peak) | £9 (Concs peak), £8 (Concs off 
retain all the guile, poise and determination 
supported by John Lewis (Tickets required: 
peak) | £32 (Family peak), £30 (Family off 
that made them champions in the fi rst place. 
The Phantom of the Opera
Last year, the old serve-and-volley spirit was 
Thurs 23 Dec, 6pm: Service of Lessons & 
Opening Times: Daily 10am-10pm (10am-
kept alive as Australian Pat Rafter battled to a 
Carols (tickets required: free)
11am, 11am-12noon, 12.15pm-1.15pm, 
6-7, 6-4, 11-9 win over Swede Stefan Edberg 
Fri 24 Dec, Christmas Eve, 12noon: Crib 
1.30pm-2.30pm, 2.45pm-3.45pm, 4pm-5pm, 
on a stage usually reserved for Brahms, 
5.15pm-6.15pm, 6.30pm-7.30pm, 7.45pm-
Beethoven and the Beatles. This year Rafter 
Fri 24 Dec, Christmas Eve, 4pm: Service of 
8.45pm, 9pm-10pm). Closed Christmas Da
returns to the centre stage where he will come 
Lessons & Carols (tickets required: free)
Address: Hampton Court Palace, East 
up against big serving Goran Ivanisevic, the 
Fri 24 Dec, Christmas Eve, 11.30pm: First 
Molesey, KT8 9AU
fl amboyant Croat who beat him so memorably 
Eucharist of Christmas & Blessing of the Crib
in the Wimbledon fi nal back in 2001. Also 
Sat 25 Dec, Christmas Day, 10.30am: Sung 
Chelsea Physic Garden 
playing this year are Mark Philippoussis 
Christmas Fair
and Pat Cash, while former world No.4 and 
Sat 25 Dec, Christmas Day, 3pm: Evensong
perennial British Wimbledon favourite Tim 
Henman makes 
a welcome return to 
Address: Westminster Abbey, Dean’s Yard, 
competitive tennis.
Price: £10-£50, family £150
Westminster, SW1P 3PA
Opening Times: Various
Address: Sadler’s Wells Theatre, Rosebery 
Avenue, Clerkenwell, EC1R 4TN
Hampton Court Palace Ice 
Until 26th February 2011
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most enduring hit 
has been running since 1984 and is still as 
popular with audiences and critics as it ever 
was. Phantom of the Opera tells the haunting 
tale of the tragic love between a beautiful 
Westminster Abbey Midnight 
 27th November 2010 and 28th November 
singer and a scarred composer, who lives 
Mass, Christmas Carols & 
beneath the majestic Opera House in Paris. 
Price: £17.50-£95
The historic botanical Chelsea Physic Garden 
The fi ne Victorian auditorium of Her Majesty’s 
Opening Times: 
opens its gates for a charming walk through 
Theatre sets the mood perfectly for a 
1pm & 7.30pm (Tues to Sat), 1.30pm (Sun)
 28th November 2010 until 25th December 
nature and a chance to pick up some 
thoroughly sinister romance, with some great 
Address: Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, 
Christmas gifts. Laid out in the 17th century, 
swashbuckling moments and some of the 
South Kensington, SW7 2AP
Pack inside one of London’s most famous 
the gardens were initially intended as a place 
grandest musical set pieces of all time. One of 
landmarks for an old-fashioned service to 
to grow medicinal plants for the Royal Hospital 
the best from the master of musicals.
take you right through to Christmas Day. 
Westminster Abbey has been at the centre of 
just up the road, taking advantage of its mild 
micro-climate which allows non-native species 
Price: £20-£59
royal and religious life in Britain since the time 
27th November 2010 until 9th January 2011
to fl ourish. You’re welcome to wander on 
Opening Times: Mon to Sat 7.30pm, Tue & 
Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella
of William the Conqueror who was crowned 
The striking Tudor façade of Hampton Court 
your own through the charming collection of 
Sat mats 2.30pm
here on Christmas Day 1066, following the 
Palace provides a majestic backdrop to this 
fl owers and plants from across the globe. But 
Address: Her Majesty’s Theatre, Haymarket, 
30th November 2010 to 23rd January 2011 
successful Norman invasion of the British 
popular open-air ice rink. Located on the 
opt for a guided tour and you can tap into a 
St James’s, SW1Y 4QL
Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the 
Isles. It’s easy to lose sight of what Christmas 
west front of Henry VIII’s historic home, the 
rich vein of history and some green fi ngered 
best loved fairy tale of them all, Cinderella, 
is all about in the sea of commercialisation, 
900-square-metre rink affords sweeping 
anecdotes. The three and a half acre site on 
but this time it comes with a twist – and 
but sat in the majestic history of the Abbey’s 
views of its breathtaking architecture and is 
the banks of the Thames is a wonderful spot 
we’re not simply talking dance moves. Set 
nave will help remind you of the religious 
easily accessible by train from central London. 
for this Christmas Fair which sees a shopping 
in London during the Second World War, 
message. These awe-inspiring surroundings 
Sessions last an hour and weary skaters, 
marquee full of stalls selling jewellery, 
Matthew Bourne’s unique interpretation of 
provide a striking backdrop for an evening of 
axel-ed out, can recharge at the adjacent 
cashmere, gloves, bags, tasty treats and 
AEGON Masters Tennis
Prokofi ev’s haunting score has, at its heart, a 
lessons and carols. 
café, serving up a scrummy selection of hot 
loads more. Don’t worry about keeping the 
true wartime romance and his storytelling has 
Check www.westminster-abbey.org for full 
refreshments (think mulled wine and mince 
kids entertained either, there’ll be plenty of 
 30th November 2010 
never been more passionate and touching. 
details and ticketing information.
pies), or have a go on the old-fashioned 
activities for them too, and everyone can join 
until 5th December 2010
A chance meeting results in a magical night 
carousel. Wheelchairs are welcome on the 
in with the carol singing.
 The highlight of the ATP Champions Tour is 
for our heroine Cinderella and her dashing 
ice except during the last session of the 
defi nitely the AEGON Masters Tennis event at 
young RAF pilot, together just long enough to 
day. The palace itself is adorned with festive 
Price: £5, under 16’s free
the Royal Albert Hall as blasts from the past 
fall in love before being parted by the Blitz. 
decorations at this time of year and it’s worth 
Opening Times: 11am-4pm Sat, 10am-4pm 
battle it out in London’s prettiest indoor arena. 
Brought to you by Sadler’s Wells’ resident 
leaving extra time to take a look inside or 
To play in the tournament players must, at 
company, New Adventures, this revised 
explore the maze. It’s enchanting stuff that 
Address: Chelsea Physic Garden, 66 Royal 
one time, have been the world Number One, 
production of a 1997 West End original has 
will undoubtedly leave you with that warm 
Hospital Garden, Chelsea, SW3 4HS 
a Grand Slam fi nalist or a player on a winning 
been created specially to commemorate the 
festive glow.
Davis Cup side (with exception of certain 
70th anniversary of the Blitz. «A dazzling 

№ 05
19 – 25 november 2010
Red Room Club (Les Ambassadeurs Club 
SATURDAY 20 November
Casino) - OPULENCE - 6 Hamilton Pl, W1J 7ED
MANON CAFE - Manon Brunch - 1905 year 
Supperclub - Love Brunch - 12 Acklam Road 
st. 2
W10 5QZ 
Blanc Cafe’ - Milano’s Aperitive and preparty - 
Трехгорный вал д.5
SUNDAY 14 November
Nevstiy Prospekt 58 - Old Fashioned 
Whisky Mist - Sunday Service
weekend: Apparel show
Sanctum Soho Hotel - ArtPero - 20 Warwick 
Конкурс «Мистер Дикий Запад» - Агроусадь-
Street, London, Greater London, W1B 5NF
ба «Ранчо» - расположена в 45 км от МКАД 
Cable - Jaded with Chris Stanford, Tred 
по Дмитровскому шоссе
Benedict and Raymundo Rodriguez - 
Offi cial Openning & Birthday of Club MIR - 
Bermondsey Street Tunnel, London Bridge, 
Проспект Мира 3/3
Правила Съёма.....- Тверская 18
Discoteque Moscow - Dar Sessions: Guy J, 
TUESDAY 23 November
Henry Saiz & Denis A - Нижний Сусальный 
MAHIKI - PIN UP Tiki - dover street
переулок 5/5a
WEDNESDAY 24 November
THURSDAY 25 November
Burlington Arcade - Christmas Party
SPEAR’S Russia Wealth Management 
Quintessentially Soho - Private Holiday 
Awards 2010 - Ветошный пер., 13-15
Shopping Evening - 1 Greek St.
“Премия Рунета – 2010″ - Пушкинская пл. 
THURSDAY 25 November
Papa’s Place - Thanksgiving Dinner - Мясниц-
RuStyle Business Networking Event - www.
кая, д. 22
City of London Club Christmas Fair - 19 Old 
Broad Street, London EC2N 1DS
Впервые на британском 
рынке: англо-русские 
клавиатуры с правильным
THURSDAY 18 November
Тибо Фальк и Алексей Крупский в про-
расположением букв. 
грамме «Искусство дуэта» - Дом архитекто-
Гарантировано немецкое 
ра (Б. Гринченко, 7, р-н Майдана Незалеж-
качество и
два года гарантии. 
21PRIME - Cocktail Thursday night! - 
Спрашивайте во всех русских 
Steakhouse&Bar, Novy Arbat, 21
магазинах Великобритании
Krisis Zhanra - Bonanza - Prokrovka 16
и заказывайте на: 
Imperia Lounge - Cycles&Seasons by 
Тел.: +49(0)203 93 555 333, 
факс:  +49(0)203 933 17 36. 
FRIDAY 19 November
Gate, SW1H 9AB
FRIDAY 19 November
Blanc Cafe’ - Milano’s Aperitive and preparty - 
Olymp Handels GmbH, auf
Movida - The artist’s night - 8, Argyll Street
Supperclub - Backstage - 12 Acklam Road 
Трехгорный вал д.5
der Hohe 24, 47059 Duisburg, 
Red Room (Les Ambassadeurs Club) - 
W10 5QZ
Арт Академия - Vibes - Art Edition - Берсе-
Glamorous Red Thursday - 6 Hamilton Pl, 
South Molton Street - Focus Fashion Friday
невская наб., 6/3 - Versenebskaja Nab 6/3
При поддержке www.ruline.de
Hush Bar - Professional Arabs Network UK 
Также постоянно на складе 
THURSDAY 18 November:
Horne & Harvey Gallery - Fashion 
Drinks - 8 Lancashire Ct
«SINATRA restaurant & piano bar» - Большой 
хозтовары и сувениры
Amika - RuStyle Business Networking Event 
ComPassion Launch Event -  23A St. James’s 
Divina - Club Haus 80’s presents: « Big in 
Путинковский переулок,5
(более 6000 наимен.), более 
-BRIC countries- 65 High Street Kensington, 
Street, SW1A 1HA
Kлуб Friends - Презентация эксклюзивных 
W8 5SE - www.rustyleltd.com
La Brasserie, Mayfair (Ground Floor) - 
12000 наименований книг. 
ювелирных украшений галереи Chiffre - 
Goldsmiths Hall - Boris Johnson Dinner - 
Socialite Evenings by Emmanuel Ray - 85 
SATURDAY 20 November
пушкинская площадь,3
Alexandra Rose Charities
Piccadilly W1J 7NB
Mortons Club - Black TIe Casino Royale 
предложения для магазинов и 
St Stephen’s Club - Connigsby Club Rt Hon 
The Perfume Shop - Meet and greet
Theme Party - 28 BERKELEY SQUARE, 
оптовых покупателей.
Francis Maude MP Dinner - 34 Queen Anne’s 
Our company provides a delivery facility 
want to receive the paper in your offi ce 
of London Info directly to corporations 
on a weekly basis, please contact us on 
and key premier service providers. We 
distribute the newspaper free of charges 
or by email: 
required by the London offi ce of an 
across the current coverage area. If you 
international fi nancial services group. Client 
work will also be required in busy friendly 
annual subscription 
offi ce. The right candidate should have a bright 
personality and be able to work independently, 
as well as as part of a team. Salary negotiable 
based on experience. Please send your CV to 
FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS:Merrill Lynch, Citi GFinancial Institutions: Merrill Lynch, Citi 
Start date ASAP.
        Fill in the form online 
Group, RBS, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Barclays Capital, EBRD, Lloyds TSB, 
Goldman Sachs, Standard Bank, VTB Capital, Snoras Bank, UniCredit, Oracle Capital 
12 ДЕКАБРЯ 2010 
Group, Canaccord Qenuity, Gazprom Marketing and Trading, Eurasian Natural Resources 
Corporation PLC, Bloomberg, Moody’s Investors Services, Standard & Poors, Spinnaker 
Музыкальный детский спектакль Для 
Fill in the cheque and send to IPGL
Capital, Renaissance Capital, Forex.com UK, ATOM Capital
самых маленьких «КОШКИН ДОМ» С. 
Маршак. Хороводы вокруг Ёлочки, 
Embassies: Republic Bulgaria, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of 
песни, танцы, игры, конкурсы, призы и 
Kazakhstan, Republic of Moldavian, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Ukraine, Republic 
сладкие подарки от Настоящего Деда 
40 Langham Street
of Uzbekistan, The Russian Federation
Мороза и внучки Снегурочки. Мы 
London W1W 7AS
Russo-British Chamber of Commerce
ждем вас по адресу: St Mary Abbots 
Centre,Vicarage Gate,London,W8 4HN 
Tel.: +44 (0) 207 637 1374
Airports and Tickets offi ces: Aerofl ot, Air Astana, Russian National Tourist Offi ce 
метро: High Street Kensington, Notting 
Email: info@russianmind.com
Education Centers: London Business School, Society for Cooperation in Russian & Soviet 
Hill Gate,Queensway, Билеты на Ёлку в 
Studies, etc
RITS - уже в продаже. Tickets £5.  www.
          Call us on 0207 637 1374 or email 
Business - related event: networking, conferences, forums 
Tel: 07792486469
Societies in London: Russian, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan (Kazakh, KazOxford)
Subscription readers 
RITS - сказка «По - Шучъему Велению, 
Russian / Central Asian Restaurant
или Как Емеля рассмешил Несмеяну» 
HSBC Bank, 18A Curzon Street, 
Others: Trade Delegation Of Russia, Pushkin House, Russian Cathedral, Russia House
14:00. St George’s Bloomsbury Church, 
cheque should be written out on the 
London W1J 7LA
name of International Publishing Group 
Sort Code: 40-05-22
Holborn, WC1A2HR. билеты на Ёлку в 
Please contact US if you want us to deliver our newspaper on a weekly bases to your 
Ltd (in UK). 
Account no.: 61391968
RITS вы можете преобрести: 
offi ce 02076371374 or email: info@russianmind.com 
Bank transfer:
IBAN: GB22 MIDL 400522
International Publishing Group Limited
Date, signature
Tel: 07792486469

Project Director: Alina Blinova
Editor: Olga Kudriavtseva
in UK:
in Finland:
Chief Editor: Elizaveta Yourieva
Layout Designer: 
40 Langham Street, 
fi nland@russianmind.com
Vitaly Gulayev
London, W1W 7AS
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