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- Heat the appliance up with the lid closed. To do this, insert the plug into a mains power socket
  and turn the browning regulator to the required position. The red control lamp indicates that 
  the appliance is connected to mains power and is warming up. As soon as the green control 
  lamp glows the waffle iron is ready for baking.
- Open the appliance by compressing the locking device on the hand grip and then 
   lifting the lid upwards.
- For each waffle place sufficient batter into the centre of the bottom baking surface  (approx.
  2 tablespoons).
Placing too much cake on the waffle iron is risky, as it may make the lid (2) open when the 
device is operating
It you wish to bake two waffles at the some time, place the same amount of batter 
into both baking areas. If you do not, the baking results will be variable.
- Bring the two baking surfaces together. Ensure that the locking device on the hand 
  grip engages.
It can happen that, during the baking process, the green operating lamp goes out 
briefly and then lights up again. This indicates that the adjusted temperature had 
fallen, causing the appliance to automatically heat itself back up to the programmed 
The waffles are ready after about 3 minutes. You con determine the level of browning either 
by adjustment of the temperature regulator or by means of the baking time. In this way, the 
waffles can be baked to a golden yellow or a crispy brown.
The given baking time is only a guide. 
The baking time is dependant on:
- the type of cake
- expected baking level of waffles and the number of waffles in the waffle iron
- to which level the browning regulator is set.
- Open the waffle iron to check if the waffles are sufficiently baked resp. brown. 
  If the waffles are not yet ready, re-close the waffle iron and let them bake for a little longer.
- Open the waffle iron and take the waffles out.
When removing the waffles, be sure not to accidentally damage the coating of the 
baking surfaces. To avoid this, use only wooden or heat-resistant plastic implements.
After baking the last waffle, remove the plug from the mains power socket and al ow the 
appliance to cool down, with the lid up.
- Mix all ingredients together uniformly, this will ensure a constant level of browning.
- If you use milk instead of water, the waffles will be softer and darker.
- Never lay crisply baked waffles on top of each other. This causes them to become soft quickly.
  To keep them crispy, lay them next to each other on a kitchen grill.
          - 2 glasses of flour
          - 500 ml milk
          - 4 eggs
          - 1 teaspoon of baking powder
          - 50 ml oil
          - a pinch of salt
          - approx 1 / 2   glass of sugar
Mix eggs with sugar, and then pour flour, which has been previously mixed with baking 
powder. Add milk and oil and mix until the cake is homogeneous. Add salt to taste.
Waffle recipes are also available on various Internet sites.

- Before commencing with the cleaning of the appliance, remove the plug from the mains 
  power socket and allow the appliance to cool down. 
- Never submerse any ports of the appliance in water or other liquids. This would bring about 
  the risk of a potentially fatal electric shock.
- First of all, clean the baking surfaces with a dry paper towel to soak up any grease residue.
- Then clean all surfaces and the power cable with a lightly moistened dish cloth. Always dry 
  the appliance well before using it again.
- Do not use detergents or solvents. These could not only cause damage to the appliance, 
  they can also leave traces that could be baked into the next waffles.
- In the case of stubborn residues never make use of hard objects. These could damage the 
  coatings of the baking surfaces. It is better to lay a wet wash cloth on the encrusted 
  residues in order to soften them.
- carefully read all instructions before using the appliance
- connect the appliance only to a suitably earthed socket compatible with the parameters
  indicated in the instructions
- do not unplug by pulling the cable
- unplug from outlet when not in use and before cleaning.  Allow to cool before putting 
  on or taking off parts.
- do not immerse the cable or the appliance in water,
- do not use outdoors
- never locate the appliance close to or underneath inflammable objects, especially not 
  under curtains or suspended cupboards.
- close supervision is necessary when appliance is used by or near children
- parts  of the appliance will become hot during operation. You should hold the appliance 
  only by the grip. The browning regulator can also become hot after a certain amount of 
  operation - it is therefore best to wear oven mitts.
- Take precautions when removing the waffles from the device. Ready waffles 
  are  extremely hot and may cause burns.
- never leave the appliance unattended when it is in use.
- this appliance is not intended for use by person (including children) with reduced physical, 
  sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have 
  been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person 
  responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play 
  with the appliance.
- do not touch the appliance with wet hands
- very hot steam clouds can escape when opening the lid. It is thus best to wear oven mitts 
  when opening the appliance.
- never use the appliance if the supply cord is damaged. If found damaged in any way, 
  consult the producer’s authorized service centre. The list of service centres is to be found 
  in the appendix and on www.eldom.eu
- refer servicing to an authorized service centre. Modifying the appliance or using spare 
  parts or elements other than the original ones is forbidden and can expose the user to 
This symbol on the appliance warns you of the risk of burn caused by hot surfaces.
- the appliance is made of materials which can be recycled
- it should be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of 
  electrical and electronic equipment,
- this appliance is designed for domestic use only
- it cannot be used for professional purposes or for other than the intended use,
- improper use will nullify the guarantee. Warranty details in the appendix
Eldom sp. z o.o. 
Pawła Chromika 5a, 40-238 Katowice, POLAND
tel: (032)255-33-40, fax: (032)253-04-12 
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