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Учебно-методическое пособие Тамбов

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НазваниеУчебно-методическое пособие Тамбов
Дата конвертации10.01.2013
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ТипУчебно-методическое пособие
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feel up to 
be able to, be capable of. Having spent the entire day editing my paper, I don't feel up to dis-
cussing it right now. 
figure out 
(1) understand, achieve understanding by reasoning. Historians dedicate themselves to figur-
ing out the sequence of events that led to a particular outcome. (2) calculate, solve. The income tax laws 
have become so complicated that it takes an accountant to figure out all the intricacies. 
find fault with criticize, be dissatisfied with. It is almost always easier to find fault with something than to 
improve it. 
fill out   
write/complete a form/a questionnaire. Please read the instructions before you begin filling 
out the application form. 
find out 
(1) learn, discover. Physicists and astronomers have been attempting to find out how earth 
was created. (2) inquire, ask. I've tried to find out why Vicky has been so depressed lately, but she refuses to 
talk about it. 
for the time being temporarily, for the present period of time. For the time being, because of a series of 
budget cuts, the library has to postpone the acquisition of new journals. 
from now on  starting now and continuing into the future, from this moment forward. In addition to quit-
ting smoking, the patient must carry out a daily exercise program from now on.
get along (with/without)  (1) be friendly with, agree on many things. Many employers believe that getting 
along with one's co-workers is as important as being able to do one's job. 
(2) make progress; advance. How 
is Mary getting along with her Spanish lessons
? (3) manage; maintain. Getting along without a word proces-
sor would seem impossible to professional writers. 
get/fall/be behind 
(1) fail to be at an expected level. If Nick continues to miss his chemistry classes, he 
will fall behind. (2) support, help, assist. Environmentalists are behind the new legislation for the protection 
of endangered species.
get off   
(1) leave a means of transportation (bus, train, plane, but not car)I am going to the concert 
hall on Main Street; where should I get off? (2) take off, remove. Skiing boots can be difficult to put on and 
get off.  
board a means of transportation (bus, train, plane, but not car). After getting on the bus, Janet 
discovered that she did not have any money for the fare. 
get over 
recover, overcome. Some types of flu may take up to 2 weeks to get over. 
get out of 
(1) leave a car. Watch out for the oncoming traffic while getting out of a car on the left side. 
(2) exit. I was tired this morning and had a hard time getting out of bed. (3) avoid unpleasant activity or 
work. Greg succeeded in getting out of trimming the hedges after all! 
get rid of 
eliminate, throw away, discard. If I were you, I would get rid of that washing machine and 
buy a new one. 
get through 
finish. Look at all this paperwork we have to get through before the deadline. 
give up 
stop. How can you give up smoking when you continually borrow cigarettes from everyone 
in the office? 
go ahead 
begin, start doing something. After the artifacts are gathered, the archaeological team can 
go ahead with the dating analysis. 
go away 
leave, depart. I wish the mosquitoes would go away; they are ruining the picnic. 
go on   
(1) happen. I  don't know exactly what went on during the meeting. (2) continue. The re-
hearsal for the outdoor scene should go on despite the rain. 
go over  
check; review. How could you turn in the report without going over it? 
go up   
(1) rise, increase. In most situations, prices go up as quickly as the inflation rate rises. (2) 
ascent, mount. Go up the stairs, turn right, and go through a set of glass doors. (3) be constructed. The new 
art center will go up on High Street before the end of the year. 
grow up become 
It is unusual to find someone who did not have to face social difficulties 
and peer pressure while growing up. 
had better/I'd (we'd) better  ought to, would be smart to. It's getting cold; we had' (or we'd) better close the 
hand in 
submit, turn in. Students must hand in their assignments before the deadline in order to re-
ceive full credit. 
hang up 
end a telephone conversation. After she hung up, Martha realized that she had forgotten to 
invite Wendy to her party. 
have a good time  enjoy oneself. Bob and Carrie had such a good time in Los Angeles that they decided to 
go there again next summer. 
have (someone) do (something)  make (someone) do (something); cause (someone) to do (something). Pe-
ter had his children help him paint the house. 

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